Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Mom's Visit

Well my mom is on the plane right now and I am heading off tomorrow for a quick vacation and I'm trying my best to write something up (and post some pictures) before I go so.... please forgive any run on sentences. ;)

Like all tourists are forced to, we brought her to the Korean Folk Village. Locals don't think much of it, but most tourists I know enjoy the visit. Here is my mom walking the dangerous bridge into the park ;)

And here we are standing in front of an entrance for some type of Governor's house. I really like this pic for some reason.

The village is quite cool and there are numerous places where you can just sit and unwind. Unfortunately for us, most of those places were filled with troops of little Kindergarten kids. Ah well, my mom thought they were cute, and we ended up finding our way into some quiet spots (mom and Joo below).

In this village are a lot of people working and volunteering, helping to add to the atmosphere. We watched a traditional wedding and saw some pretty cool performances. Below is a pic of an old guy writing up something for my mom (I can't remember what it said off hand) and a couple of performers.

I brought my mom to the DMZ. For those who do not know, it is the last remaining barrier of the Cold War (well, maybe not last... but close). It is considered the most fortified border on the planet... fun stuff eh?

Joo brought my mom out to her Aunt's house in the country. They had a ball out there (from what I hear - I was working), and all the neighbors are talking about that foreign woman now.

I really like this pic of my mom in the pepper field. Something seems young about her.

We went to Chung Deok Palace here in Seoul. It was actually my first time... and we took a lot of pics... but this is the only one I'm going to post here. I'm just too tired of loading these things up here.

This is the church Joo and I go *cough* get dragged* cough* to. It is reputed to be the largest church in the world. And at 800,000 members, I'm believe it.

We brought my mom to Meyong-dong, where Joo and I met.

We also went to NANTA - kind of a STOMP thing on with kitchen supplies.

And the last pic for today... this is one of her at the top of Namsan mountain, in the center of Seoul. Kind of a Rocky thing she's got going on here.

Over all, I'm tired of posting pics and I' running out of time (Heading to malaysia in 12 hours)... but it was an amazing trip and I'm glad she came over here and hung with us.

Love ya mom

Ed & Joo