Sunday, February 26, 2006

February Update:

I've heard from a few people that they actually read this thing and that they liked Joo's writing. Well, I'll have none of that! She writes one article and people phone me! What's up with that??

Anyway, I thought I would just put up a quick post to say what it is I am up to nowadays...

I just finished reading War and Peace. It is quite the epic. Nothing I can write in a paragraph would do it justice so I'll just settle with this; It's LONG! Tolstoy is good, no doubt, but he sure takes his time in saying anything. Read it though... if you have a lot of time on your hands.

I've watched more movies this year then I probably have in my life time. Now that I am able to download for free, well, I'm doing some catching up it seems. The thing is though, when you get something for free, you don't seam to value it as much. That's kind of how I am looking at movies now. I may watch 5 one week, but god help me if I can remember any of them. Actually, today I watched The Weatherman (Cage) and thought it was decent. And a few days ago I watched Walk the Line (Pheonix) and liked that too (although not as much as Ray). I also watched Brokeback Mountain (which the only thing in it that I liked was the landscape) and Transamerica (now this one I would recommend). I'm sure there is another dozen I am forgetting... but maybe it is better that way.

These days I am hooked on a few. Desperate Housewives, LOST, My Name is Earl, and Arrested Development (oh and ROME, but it is over now). Again, all thanks to the mighty power of downloading.

I am quite proud of something. In case I have not phoned or written you personally, you might not know how happy I am about something. I sold my first piece. That's right, I actually made money (not much) off of my hobby. It is quite an accomplishment for me and as a commissioned piece, I think it looks quite good.

Thor's Assassin

Oh and just for a bit of revenge on my loving wife, I took this picture while she was sleeping. Enjoy the wondrous Moon-faced Girl!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy to be back in Seoul!

I just came back on Friday from Hanoi, and I am so glad to be home with Eddie:)

Yes, I do travel quite alot and I may have to go back in March. I am hoping that that will be my last trip to Hanoi. No offense to Hanoi, but I miss my Eddie and Seoul where I can understand what people are saying. I can understand how difficult it must be for Eddie to live in Seoul but he is doing well.

I am happy to be back in Seoul. My parents are back from China. They came last week while I was in Hanoi. I visited them today and it was like the old days.... but of course, I would not go back to the old days because..... I am enjoying my life as it is.

I am not enjoying everything though. Since I've been back, I have developed a sore throat and cough. Eddie is making me take some disgusting medicine called Buckley's. It is horrible but it seems to work. No more coughing.