Thursday, December 28, 2006

Area 51 shots

For any interested, here are some pics of our 14 week old alien.


Looking towards 2007

Well, this is looking like it is going to be a fairly exciting year. I'm not big on the actual "New Years Eve" celebrations and all, but I do believe in goal setting, and this is as good a time as any to do it.

Family - I'm really looking forward to the arrival of our little monster. We still don't know the sex (and in Korea it is technically illegal to find out), so I'l have to stick with calling it and "it" for now. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous at times, but for the most part I'm either excited or forgetful. That foregetfulness dissapears a little more each week with the rise of Joo's belly though.

*Of special note is my mom. The Doc's did not give her very good news a year ago, but now it seems that she's as tough as everyone expected. No slowin' her down.

Work - Well, I've finally got my company off the ground. PC GROUP is a Professional Consulting group based on Corporate Training (note: website may still be under construction). I've got a couple of good people working with me on this, and I'm looking forward to the flexibility it'll afford.

Hobbies - I haven't had time of late to play my usual games. City of Heroes is still my favorite, but I'm also looking forward to Lord of the Rings Online being launched.

Art wise, I've still got my Gallery on the go. It now has about 2000 visits per month! I've been trying to branch out into Inking and Coloring now too.

Movies/Shows - 2006 was kind of a dud for movies, but 2007 is looking like it might be the year of the Superhero. The Fantastic Four 2 (june) comes with the arrival of the Silver Surfer! Ghost Rider (Feb) also blazes onto the screen. Spider Man 3 (May) is the one to beat though. It looks like it'll be the best one yet. And, last but not least, The Simpsons Movie. (July)

Woops, how could I forget the very cool looking Transformers Movie. (July)

I'm also downloading (whenever they actually bother to air them) the following shows: Heroes, LOST, Desperate Housewives, Battlestar Galactica, and the much anticipates second season of ROME.

So there's my little update for the new year. I hope you all have a good one too, and feel free to comment (or add any cool up-coming movies) to this post.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Baby (girl?)

Ok, as most of you have already gathered, Joo is pregnant and we are expecting our first child somewhere towards the end of June. So far, we've had lot's of fun discovering (new) cultural differences in relation to pregnancies as well as trying to figure out what kind of parents we're going to be.

Sometimes, I have to admit, it's pretty stressfull. But there are times when all those stresses just wash away.

One of those times is when I see the ultrasound of my little baby. So much raw emotion there... and so many dreams for the future.

For any interested -

She's the little white blob inside the little black blob - which is of course inside another white blob. Does that make any sense??

Oh, and I had a dream the other day that is was a girl. So, here I am writing it down. If I'm right, I guess we'll find out in 6 more months.

33 years old - and joining the ARMY!!

Ok, I'm pretty sure I'm technically too old to join the army, but that doesn't stop me from playing dress-up. Here is a pic from a shooting last month. The movie is called "The Meeting Place" and it is about a village that is torn apart by the Korean war. With the families separated by a fence, they make a network of tunnels to keep in touch - literally. My not-so-key position, was to yell at them at various points.

Not a bad day, but cold as heck on that mountain. Man, I don't know how anyone survived a war here.

Oh, and yeah, I just turned33 - yippee!

Downloading Movies

A few people have asked me how to download movies and such. While it is illegal in some countries, and in now way to I promote the practice, if you were considering how to do it, you just might want to visit the links below.

Download the program here.

And search for movies at torrentspy and ISO hunt and Mininova.

But remember, I didn't tell ya /wink