Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Baby (girl?)

Ok, as most of you have already gathered, Joo is pregnant and we are expecting our first child somewhere towards the end of June. So far, we've had lot's of fun discovering (new) cultural differences in relation to pregnancies as well as trying to figure out what kind of parents we're going to be.

Sometimes, I have to admit, it's pretty stressfull. But there are times when all those stresses just wash away.

One of those times is when I see the ultrasound of my little baby. So much raw emotion there... and so many dreams for the future.

For any interested -

She's the little white blob inside the little black blob - which is of course inside another white blob. Does that make any sense??

Oh, and I had a dream the other day that is was a girl. So, here I am writing it down. If I'm right, I guess we'll find out in 6 more months.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ed and Joo,
First of all Eddy, happy birthday (Dec 10).

That is the most beautiful blob inside a blob, inside another blob, i have ever seen. Stressed? Forget about's guys are gonna make awsome parents. As your good friend and training partner for so many years i know, you know how to be authoritative and lay down the law, people listen (I sure did). All the best, Mike and Sophie( hi Ed and Joo, congrats!).

Juggy said...

Thanks guys.

But you do know that this means I will be putting even more pressure on you guys to have one (never mind getting married - that'd take too long)


Mom said...

Eddie and Joo,

What a BEAUTIFUL picture !!! Of course she's a doll already !!! I'm printing out a first grandchild's picture !! It will be treasured, always! Love you both,
( can't do the he/she thing )

Joo said...

Hi Eddie,

I finally had a chance to check the email now. I am glad that mom is glad to see the photo. And, I think that my belly is getting little bigger or maybe just eating too much:)

Only a couple of days till I am back in your arms. I really miss you and the baby really misses you too!

Lots of love,

Shawn BH said...

Congratulations Ed and Joo! That's awesome news. You guys will be great parents.

Juggy said...

Thanks for stoppin' by Shawn. I tried to comment on your blog... but had difficulties.

Sunny said...

Wow!! It's a great news.

Congratulations Ed and Joo!

You guys may have much happier holiday than ever. :-)

Juggy said...

Yup, time to buy some baby stuff now (so much for christmas presents)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed!!!
Yea! How is the pregnancy going?! A baby girl will be awesome, but be careful...I think girls are more stressful for their daddies!
Send more pics, we'd love to see how big Joo is getting.
Love and Kisses,
Mandy, Vic and Eliana