Sunday, December 10, 2006

33 years old - and joining the ARMY!!

Ok, I'm pretty sure I'm technically too old to join the army, but that doesn't stop me from playing dress-up. Here is a pic from a shooting last month. The movie is called "The Meeting Place" and it is about a village that is torn apart by the Korean war. With the families separated by a fence, they make a network of tunnels to keep in touch - literally. My not-so-key position, was to yell at them at various points.

Not a bad day, but cold as heck on that mountain. Man, I don't know how anyone survived a war here.

Oh, and yeah, I just turned33 - yippee!


Mom said...

And you look like you've got the attitude to play the part. Do not tell my grandchild that you were in the war!!!Only that you played baseball!!!!
:) :)

Juggy said...

Actually, in one role i WAS a baseball player.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the maximum age to join the Army is 42!