Sunday, May 11, 2008

My trip to Canada (2008)

Well, we're back after spending two weeks in the Great White North. It was fun and great to see people, but a tough trip to make with a 10 month old.

I got a new Camera (Sony A200) at the Duty Free, so these pics hsould be a bit better than my old ones.

Vancouver was nice, but a bit chilly for us.

We were able to visit with a lot of my relatives though, and see a little bit of what life in Van would/could be like.

It was good to see everyone, but most of all, I was glad that Hannah got to meet her Greatgrandparents.
A nice shot of some of the family here - I wish we could of had one with everyone present.

Calgary was nice and sunny for the time we were there. Joo was surprised that it could be SOOO warmwith snow still on the ground - I told her, that's just how Calgary is... odd.
Hannah was a bit "off" with my Mom at first (due in large part to my Mom's face being swollen from the medication), but towards the end she warmed up a bit.

This is one of my favorite pics from the trip.

I'm not going to load every picture up here because I'm being lazy and still dealing with jet-lag, but it was great to see everyone again, and of course... it was great to do all that shopping.