Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy to be back in Seoul!

I just came back on Friday from Hanoi, and I am so glad to be home with Eddie:)

Yes, I do travel quite alot and I may have to go back in March. I am hoping that that will be my last trip to Hanoi. No offense to Hanoi, but I miss my Eddie and Seoul where I can understand what people are saying. I can understand how difficult it must be for Eddie to live in Seoul but he is doing well.

I am happy to be back in Seoul. My parents are back from China. They came last week while I was in Hanoi. I visited them today and it was like the old days.... but of course, I would not go back to the old days because..... I am enjoying my life as it is.

I am not enjoying everything though. Since I've been back, I have developed a sore throat and cough. Eddie is making me take some disgusting medicine called Buckley's. It is horrible but it seems to work. No more coughing.


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Aaron said...

Buckley's! Do me a favor and read the ingredients - does that crap still contain turpentine? My parents used to force the stuff down my throat when I was a kid. It doesn't help anything, though, not in a curative way anyhow. If you don't like it, just go back to drinking tea. I feel for you, Joo, Buckley's is one of the most vile substances on earth (right above soju).

Anyway, welcome back. It's good to see someone updating this damned site.