Sunday, September 25, 2005

YOU: The owners manual

YOU, now isn't that an interesting subject? I thougth so, so I bought a book about it. I actually saw the author on Oprah talking about "your poo and you" and thought; anyone who could speak that openly on the subject is someone I'd like to read.

The book was decent but not as blunt as I would have liked. I did take some interesting things out of it (asparin, wine, nuts every day) but I'm not sure if it was worth carrying around this hard cover for a week. ;)

To do that, we want you to think of your body as a home -- as your home. When we
started thinking about the similarities between bodies and homes, we realized
that the two have a more striking resemblance than the Olsen twins. Your house
and body are both important investments. They both provide shelter to invaluable
personal property. And they're both places you want to protect with all your
power. That's the big picture. But if we explore the comparison even more -- and
we will throughout this book -- you'll understand the relationship even better.
Your bones are the two-by-fours that support and protect the inner structure of
your home; your eyes are the windows; your lungs are the ventilation ducts; your
brain is the fuse box; your intestines are the plumbing system; your mouth is
the food processor; your heart is the water main; your hair is the lawn (some of
us have more grass than others); and your fat is all the unnecessary junk you've
stored in the attic that your spouse has been nagging you to get rid of. If you
can get past the fact that your forehead doesn't have a street number and that a
two-story brick Colonial doesn't look all that good in a bathing suit, the
similarities are remarkable -- so remarkable, in fact, that we believe you can
learn about how your body works by thinking about how your house does.

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