Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Apartment II

Well I've been meaning to post pictures of this for awhile and just have not been able to find the time to do it. I won't write much but I'll give a brief description of each shot:

The Living room (going to try to keep this room slightly Spartan)

The Kitchen (don't mind the clutter, I was making dinner)

The Master Bedroom (cannot seem to get a good shot of this)

The spare bedroom / office (this clutter is permanent)

The nice smoggy view (it looks better on some days)

The night time view (There were fireworks for the first two weeks we moved in)

And my dinner (my mother in law was nice enough to bring by some Korean side dishes)


Tanya said...

hmm...the food looks really pretty..and completely foreign..hmm mostly because it is eh?..haha

The apartment looks very pretty - and trendy!

My house is no where near that trendy...its kid friendly though..hehe

Though its now covered in xmas decorations - yeah yeah i know..its not even the middle of November yet - but I can't help snows and I think "CHRISTMAS!"

Juggy said...

Wow, it's already snowing in Calgary??

As for being kid-friendly, we still have time to make ours a little more.

Anonymous said...

The appartment looks great fantastic view I wish my place was a cluttered Maybe I should send you off some of your stuff I didn't realize that you had hardwood floors in Korea Big question what is the stuff on the plates for dinner ??? I can't even begin to think what it might be sorry from where I am sitting think not thanks for the pics Ok now I am stuck don't know how to finish this off I'm going to wing it and hope for the best Dawne

Juggy said...

The green soup is seaweed soup (tastes quite good actually). The two sides of little fish are called Me-eal-chi. The rest is rice, Gimchi and more seaweed.

Yum huh. ;)

Anonymous said...

The pink bedspread really becomes a man of your, um, stature.

Aaron said...

The pink bedspread really becomes a man of your, um, stature.

Juggy said...

Ya had to say that twice eh?

Geez, ANY other color (ok, any earth-tone) would have gone well.

Aaron said...

Why DID it post that twice? Your blogger account must know that I'm doubly important

Juggy said...

Maybe you just have sticky fingers.

Either way, I was going to delete it BUT I thought the "post count" looked good.

Vlaar said...

I tried and i tried but i could not see the FISH TANK!

Juggy said...

hehe, yeah, we have yet to get one.

Truth is, I'd love to have one but I'm not sure it'd make sense buying on here (korea) if we're planning to eventualy move to Canada.

gwen said...

that table setting is surely just for show isnt it? i could eat like 3x that! :)

Juggy said...

Ah, I eat small meals.

Lot's of small meals!