Saturday, July 01, 2006

In the MOVIES!

That's right, you are now reading the blog of an almost-semi-close famous guy. I put my picture a few months ago up on an internet site for foreign workers here. A month ago I was called and i went down for an audition. It turns out they liked my look (or more likely I was the only one they could get) and I got the part.

The part though, was not the best one. Acting wise, I'm told it was quite good for a start. Character wise though, it was little lacking. I played an obnoxious US soldier that gets into an accident with a taxi and then proceeds to sexually harrass the taxi driver's wife AND get into a fight with him. All this while still trying to keep my cool Blue Magnum look on my face (bow down to Zoolander!).

I've since then heard wind of some other roles. Hmmm, let's hope that I find a nicer role though (or my wife is gonna' kill me).


maangchi said...

Good experience for you!
I used to work as a background actress for a while too.

Anonymous said...

That seems so cool.

Anonymous said...

I knew you'd be famous one day, haha! Yeah sounds like a good experience, you look like a solider in that pic. So did it air yet?

Juggy said...

Not, it will be released in November (I think).