Saturday, March 17, 2007


Wow, I just watched this movie and I have to say ... Holy frickin' cow! This was visualy spectacular. The lighting and imagery were really impressive - especially on the IMAX screen.

I wasn't as comfortable with some of the "lessons" it seemed to be trying to teach though. Sure honor and loyalty to your country can be a good thing, but it just seemed a little too much for me .

This movie, minus the dialogue, would be perfect.


Joo said...

Hi Eddie,

I hope that you are doing all right:) I did not have a good day today at the factory. I feel so so and I really do miss you today. I wish that I were in Korea next to you:( Hopefully, I will take care of this situation wisely during my stay here in the Philippines. Another week to go.... Don't go to sleep too late! The baby is moving and saying hi to you.

Miss you and love ya!

Juggy said...

haha, well, it's good to know that the baby recognizes when you're thinking of me.

You'll be back soon.

And don't worry, I won't make you an the baby watch a scary movie like 300.