Monday, June 09, 2008

Hannah's first Birthday

Well, our little baby has turned one year old. She's learned to walk on her own, talk a bit (mom and dad in Korean), and made some neighbor friends. We haven't dropped her, forgot her, or fed her anything realy bad... so I I'm guessing there's still moreexcitement to come.

On Saturday, we went out to the 'burbs and had a bit of a family lunch for Hannah. It was good to see everyone together, and it gave me a good chance to practice with my new camera.

The restaruant we went to was really nice (even if the food wasn't). It had a great outdoor area behind it for taking pictures and such.

Hannah's grandparents always enjoy trying to make her more girlish. hahahaha

And here's her first birthday cake.
And all the girls in the family.
In korea, the first birthday is often quite grand and formal. One of my friends spent nearly $10,000 on theirs. I'm not too keen on that. Not only do I not want to spend the money, but I'd rather make the party more enjoyable for the baby.

Hannah's expression here is great. She shows that it's not only me that wants to rebel against old customs. lol

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