Saturday, July 12, 2008

More movie reviews

Here's me messing with the camera again, talking about Hancock, Wanted, and WALL*E


Ann said...

Ed this is the best blog I've seen on movies, hahaha. How did you do that newspaper thing at the beginning?? and actually linking the clips, that is great, haha. I laughed so hard at the moving on up dance too. Great job, keep the reviews coming. I wonder what you'll think of the Dark Knight.

So anyways, yeah I saw Hancock too...interesting twist at the end eh. I wasn't expecting that. Haven't seen Wanted or Walle yet. soooo many movies to see...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,

I found your blog while doing a google search and one of your old entries mentioned the Gym and the guys there (including Grant McReynolds). I have some tragic news to share regarding his death on July 31st of this year. I fyou wish you are welcome to contact me via email: