Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Canada day?

Now I'm not really sure when Canada Day is. I've been away from the great white north for quite some time, but even when I lived back home I never thought much of this day. To tell the truth, I'm not even sure if it is a national holiday.Anyways, since I've been living/traveling abroad I've noticed something funny; not only am I critical of where I live (Korea) but I also think Canadians are funny as heck now.No, I don't mean the whole Bob and Doug Mckensie and Strangebrew kind of funny, but more the "displaced nationalistic ignorance" kinda funny.Anyway, I ran across this link in my hometown newspaper and thought I'd post it.
OUT AND ABOUT With Canada Day fast approaching, I thought it would be agood
idea to step back and reflect on why it's great to be Canadian. I thinkCanadians
have the best senses of humour in the world. I love that manyCanadians take the
time to enjoy the great outdoors in the Great White North. Ihit the bricks
yesterday to chat with other Canadians about why they think it's so cool to be a
Jason Williams, 23: "We're a great country, there's no real problems here.
We get along, for the most part, and the controversy we have is at a minimum compared to the States."
Paul Johnson, 27: "It's hard to say. Freedom. Freedom to do what you want.
Freedom of expression."Leigh Vooys, 26: "I think we're not as ignorant
as some people from other countries. We're more tolerant and not as
Darren McMahon, 25: "We're more adventurous and outgoing. We're not
aggressive in a sense, but we go out of our way to do things for ourselves and
especially for others
Kathy Bishop, 35: "I think Canadians are very modest. We know we
live in a great country, but we're modest about it
. We also appreciate
diversity and we accept it ... most of the time."
Michelle Bishop, 32: "Having two boys who play hockey, I'd say our passion
for hockey is what's great about being Canadian. Also, our appreciation for this beautiful country and we're humble, too."
Jason Tiegen, 25: "Our musical talent. We have great rock and roll bands.
The talentis more broad here."
Karen Grant, 41: "We're blessed to be born in such a wonderful country.
Freedom. I've lived in Saudi Arabia. It's nice to wear what you want, go where
you want and practice any religion you want. The choices we have we take for

Now, other than the last quote it all seems like a lot of garbage to me.Actually, looking over it, do you not get the sense that Canadian identity is 1) tied to comparisons to the US? 2) CONFLICTED???

Look at the quotes with bold in them. We brag, yet we're modest? We're individualistic but we think of others? And we're not as self-absorbed and ignorant... Compared to what?
There are lots of great things about Canada and Canadians, too bad few have a clue as to what they are.


Miss Coffey said...

Hey, you said, "There are lots of great things about Canada and Canadians, too bad few have a clue as to what they are."

So, let's hear what they are. I'd be interested to know. :o) What the heck are you all doing up there?

Juggy said...

I found out July 1st is Canada day. I'll try to write up a "special" post for then for ya ;)