Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Some butt-face

So today I was geting on the train at Jamsil station at about 11:00 when I noticed a guy...

Well, honestly he was not all that special but he kind of stood out. Instead of just standing and waiting for the train he was pacing around a bit. Anyways, I got on the train (about 20 ft down from him) and didn't think much of it.

I started noticing a lot of the passengers looking at him though. And after a minute the guy beside him got up and walked away (actually kind of over to me and by the door). Again, I just figured he smelled or was a bit whacked so I tried not to look (too hard).

Then all of a sudden, he jumped up, muttered something and took a swing at the "handles" (that everone holds on to). After that little outburst he made a bee-line straight for... me.

He walked up to me and stared for a moment, I glanced at him and he gave quite the aggresive, proper SALUTE! Not being a military man, I didn't salute back and tried to focus on something otehr than him (while actually keeping very close watch on him out of the corner of my eye).

After his salute did not elicit a response brainac decided to grab my arm. By this time I was itchin' for it and quite ready for his move. I swated his arm away (with a surprising THWACK) and yelled out to him "Don't fucking touch me!"

He stood there dumbfounded and decided to stare at me for the next few stops, then simply got off and walked away.

Now, being a foreigner in Korea i have to be quite careful of my actions. Any type of situation (started by me or not) can easily turn against me. Honestly, I've weighed it out in my mind and have decided what I did was best.

If I walked to another car, chances are he would have followed. In the new car, the "new" witnesses may not have been understanding/sympathetic towards me.

If I ignored him (as I initially did), there is a good chance his growing frustration would have led to something larger (or.. it may not have, who knows).

If I hit him any harder than I did, there is a good chance that people would have thought it an over reaction and perhaps sentiment would not have been on my side (presuming it was at one point).

If I decided that love was the best option... hehe, well honestly, I have met a number of drunks and been quite patient with them. But this man seemed less drunk and more deranged.

The truth is I firmly beleive that you should avoid when possible and confront when you must.

Now, how well that will always work, I guess only time will tell.

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