Sunday, July 03, 2005

Our Anniversary

Well, it is July 3rd and I and my Moon faced wife have made it through exactly one year of marital bliss. There have been some ups and downs (no, no babies yet) but so far we're surviving.

In the next couple of months we are looking forward to 1) moving into our own apartment (well, instead of taking care of the in-law's). 2) going on a vaction in the fall.. hmmm, maybe Vietnam or Micronesia.

Today to "celebrate" we went to church (hmmm) and then went to a concert in Jamsil. Michael W Smith, not bad but not my usual style. My wife liked it though and as I am finding out... that is all that really matters.

*oh, and I am supposed to mention somewhere on here that she got a cut (a SCRATCH!) on her nose. She is looking for notes of sympathy I suspect.


Miss Coffey said...

Who would dare to scratch the Moon?! hehe. :O) Let your lady know that I'm sorry her nose got scratched. I hate to get scratched anywhere on my face. When I was a little kid I listened to Michael W. Smith a lot, so he kind of holds some nostalgia for me. Not my style anymore. As someone asked on Dave's, Why has Christian music become so effiminate? It's completely sissified these days. We need some ROCK.

Juggy said...

Well, it may not have been Metallica but I was impressed but how "hard" it was. Ok, maybe hard is an exageration, but it really wasn't as bad as I had imagined.

Yeah, my wife is scared of any scars on her face. Actually, I've noticed Koreans in general are that way. Personally, I think it adds character ;)

Anonymous said...

And how about your knife fight scar Eddie??? You shall heal, Joo

Juggy said...

shhh, you're not supposed to talk about that one!