Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Superhero wars

Well, with my wife gone for the weekend I have done what most husbands do when left at home.. not much. I've been basically sitting around the house trying to stay cool and downloading a shit load of movies.

As you may be aware, I am quite fond of superheroes. I recently watched two movies based on comics as was not sure how much i'd like them.

The Fantastic 4
Well, I know the critics have been all over this one. I think "rotton tomatoe" gave it a 45 or something but I actually didn't mind it. Was the plot good, um... no. Was the acting top notch.. nope, but Jesica Alba was quite hot looking. Were the effects great? Actually, they were not too bad. I heard of some complaints in this field but I think they were unfounded. The truth is, I'm a fan of 80's MARVEL comics and the F4 are a part of that. Heck.. I even almost liked daredevil!!??

The other one was...

Batman Begins
Now I remember lining up with my bud Marcus years ago for the premier of the original movie. Although it had its merits (Nicholson) I really didn't like the lack of realism (and the SHOULD be in ALL superhero movies!!). This new one was darker and more serious. As a movie it was far better than F4 but as a representative of DC comics.. well, it still bites. I just don't like that type of hero (even Marvels Punisher). If you are going to go through the troubl;e of making a hero, at least give him some kick as powers!!!

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