Friday, August 12, 2005

Wedding pics: A long time comin'


Well we finally got around to developing some wedding pictures. Take it from me, if you ever get married, get the pictures "done and sent off to the relatives" ASAP. Ifyou don't, then you'll be like me doing it 14 months after the fact.

Here is a cool picture of us walking through the garden behind the place we got married. It's actually one of my favorites.

Here is another one, same garden, but more wrinkles. I swear that the photographer was trying to make ME look bad and Joo look good. He kept yelling at me in Konglish "SMILE!"

I think I might have to photoshop my face a bit here. ;)

And of course, here is another lovely shot of my Moonie.

For some funny reason, she had tons of shots of her "solo" but not one single cool shot of me.


And this is the last one for today. I really liked the lighting here. Not the cleanest shot but I think it'd look nice blown up and in a frame.


Ann said...

Wow that is just beautiful you guys. Really nice pics, and again congratulations, looks like a perfect day! :)

Ann said...

oh and ya I think the candid shots at weddings when the happy couple aren't even aware of the camera seem to turn out the best it seems, some of the poses the photographer makes people do are kinda funny.

Aaron said...

There's a simple reason for the wrinkles: Age.

Anonymous said...

Great pics....Joo, you are beautiful !!!
Wrinkles??? Not on you Ed !!!!!

Juggy said...

hehe, thanks anonymous poster!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you looks much nicer than I imagined(I am a reader from Juggertha's Hall) Your wife is beautiful, and you looks so happy. Congradulations! These photos made me happy!!

Juggy said...

Hey, thanks for the compliment. I guess the name Juggertha doesn't really sound all that appealing eh?

Anonymous said...

Wow ~~