Tuesday, October 04, 2005


If you are wondering how I am downloading all these cool movies you can download the Bitcomet program here and then search for movies/files here.

It is really just that easy.

(thanks go to my favorite idiot )

Bumping this for some friends.


Aaron said...

You ought to warn your faithful readers in North America to exercise a heavy dose of caution if they're using bit torrent. They might find themselves lumped into a class action lawsuit. Right now, the entertainment industry has mostly focused on larger hosts where BT is concerned, but they've gone after individual downloaders - by checking IP addresses - in the past.

For now, though, it's just nice to be in Korea.

Juggy said...

You presume people actually read this

Aaron said...

Well, you should've at least warned me.

Juggy said...

How about you sue me for $5.. the nwhen I pay you... YOU can pay Miss Coffee!!!


Anonymous said...

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topbanana911 said...

How's it going?
I'm watcing one of my favorites TV show "Desperate housewives" that I got recently from P2P site.
It's good to know new source of cool movies and TV shows. I hope Bit-torrent will not bring any trouble. I'm currently using Korean P2P promgram(pop folder). sometimes, blue screen poped out and makes me pissed.
Have a good one!!!
from Inguhl

Juggy said...

Be wary of the dreaded BLUE SCREEN