Sunday, October 23, 2005


As you may (or may not have) noticed, my blogging action has been at a minimum of late. No, I have not given up writing, but instead have moved to higher ground.

The past fews days have been filled with the normal day's duties plus an added little quirk, WE"VE MOVED! That's right, the day has finally arrived and myself and the Moonie are on our way.

*dances around singing "The Jefferson's" Movin' on up!

I'll write more when we're settled but until then, I leave you with this promo pic for our place.



Anonymous said...

Great looking...send pics of inside.


Juggy said...

Yeah, we have to charge our camera first (translation: had to FIND the charger).

Anonymous said...

you could've got better pictures than that ^^;

-ash (seungjae lee)

Juggy said...

Ah, I posted better ones now.