Monday, December 26, 2005

A trip to Canada

As some of you may have noticed, my blogging has been a bit lite of late. Actually I left the Land of Morning Calm and headed to the Great White North for a rather unplanned visit.

It was great to see everyone there and I thought I'd share a few pictures.

Here is the view when I was leaving Korea. I thought it kind of typical of Korea.. being lots of cranes and a great sunset.

Here is a pic of my parents (the reason I went on this trip). Some people might be wondering why I went to canada so quickly, I'm not going to really get into it now but I'd like to say that Cancer is a bi$#h

I was able to meet a lot of old friends on this trip (but as always I missed some of them). Here is a shot of my good bud Dan (you may or may not recognize him from my posts on bodybuilding here earlier in the year). This man is one of the people I missed most and such a nice guy that he lent me a car for my time in Canada. I ended up seeing a lot of people on this trip, Mike, Dan, Rob, Marcus, Al, Dana, Trish, Mandy, Kurt, Deb, Dawne, and Justin. Wow, so many of them I haven't sen in years. It was good to hear about how so many of them were doing.

This next shot is of Dan's vehicle... no, this is not the one he lent me. Shoot, before visiting Canada I was actually thinking about buying a eco-car or something. being back in the land of giant vehicles though has led me in a different direction.

So long as I'm bragging about Dan, I wanted to make note of his house. Like so many other's (Mike, Marcus, Trish), I was facinated with what they have done with their places. In Korea here it is SO hard to coordinate home furnishings. I like the class in this photo and hope to have a nice flow like this through my place. Also note, Rob is building his place now and if the past is any indicator.. it's going to be impressive.

My wife never really had a dog. Not counting the puppy her dad bought her (and her mom got rid of in less than 24 hours) she has been pet-less. She had fun with my parents 13 year old terri-poo and I'm hoping that when we move into a hosue we'll be able to raise one from a pup.

Well, that's it for my trip. I'm glad I went and although it wasn't perfect... it was great seeing so many close people again. I find I'm missing Canada a lot less but my friends and family a lot more.


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Juggy said...

Stay tuned for the much anticipated... bathroom pictures!

With the help of some friends in canada, Joo and I now have a coordinated bathroom!!