Saturday, December 31, 2005

Joo's Birthday!

It was my Moonie's birthday the other day so i figured (seeing as this is part her blog and all) that I would post up a few pics.

This one at her staff party (which turned out to be a 200 person birthday party for her... kind of). And, just like this blog, she does not seem to be able to get away from me. They even called me up to the front to help her blow out her candles. Sheesh!


Anonymous said...

You look great Joo !!!!!
I heard about the party...why was Ed there?
Can't live without him, eh !!!!!

Joo said...

Hi mom
Of course,I cannot live without Eddie :-) Well, actually my company was cool enough about him coming. I guess that they were being nice and realized that it was my birthday and I still decided to come to the staff party. I hope that you are doing great. Miss you and hopefully we will see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ed^^
I am Amy from Trading Academy.
I just drop in for saying hello.
Any way, Your house is really cool. It is really modern and western style. ^^
I will come by again.^^

Juggy said...

Well, you are welcome anytime Amy.