Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Kite Runner

A good friend of mine Nancy recommended this book to me. She is an avid reader and swore this one was so powerful it moved her to tears. Previously I have never really felt all that emotional about a book. Most of the ones I had read, being History books, bordered on either sad or grotesque, if they did approach any emotion at all. Having read The Kite Runner though, and being near tears no less than 6 times while reading it, I now have a higher expectation for any book to follow.

The Kite Runner is about a young man growing up in pre-Taliban Afghanistan. It follows his lifeas he tries to find his way into his father's heart and his own. I really don't want to go into more details other than to say it spans a life wrought with inner and outer conflict.

My only fear in talking about this book to anyone is that I might hype it up too much that they are disappointed by the time they actually read it. Much like so many people have done in their attempts to describe movies. So, I'll just finish by saying, read it and enjoy it.

*ps. I finished it in two days if that is any indicator.

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Anonymous said...

I read The Kite Runner this past of the best books I've read in awhile. Unforgettable. I didn't think at first it would interest me, but my mother had put a sticky in it when she lent it to me that said, "Do you want to read this? I cried three times. Haunting. Delicate. Touching." After reading it, I can only agree. I will not easily forget this book, nor the skill with which the author pulls you into the story and caring about the characters he so convincingly creates. Before you even realize what is happening to you, you are transported right into a city in Afghanistan, and later into the Afghani immigrant community in California...and you are given such an intimate glimpse you almost feel you are trespassing. Really, adroitly done. The only other books that come close in my opinion are the Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. Believe me, you would not regret picking any one of these books up! Especially the first one. Utterly charming, warm, exquisitely amusing series that gives the reader a delightful and sometimes poignant introduction to life in Botswana through the eyes of Precious Romatswe, its very human and very likable heroine.