Saturday, March 29, 2008


I'm not American.
I've been to the States a number of times and have been privy to their media for the great majority of my life. I've always felt that in the world, Americans were a nationality I could relate to.
For years they stood on the right side. Through many wars, they took the high road and led by example. Although not always perfect, they were a country to be looked up to both for ingenuity and civil freedom.
In the past years though, my image of America has started to slide away. No, I'm not saying that they've now fallen into some type of hellish pit - nothing so biblical, what I am saying is this: something is wrong.
America is now rolling back its civil liberties. America has waffled on the nuances of what is and what isn't torture. America has become a symbol of hypocrisy instead of freedom.
America is in a war that it entered into under false pretenses... and now, as of a few days ago, 4000 young American servicemen have given their lives.
I hope that sometime soon, America will step back up to its rightful place in the world... a moral leader.

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Mithridates said...

Interestingly I've had the opposite reaction over the past few months while watching the activity during the election. I've been really impressed by both the Ron Paul and the Obama supporters; the first for their steadfast commitment to their candidate and his principles (and willingness to take the campaign beyond 2008), and the second for their ability to coalesce around a worthy candidate and their ability to win in the face of such a strong political dynasty.

This year will probably turn out pretty well. I'm now looking forward to visiting the States (never really been interested in it before since most people just speak English).