Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wow, time flies!

So, I'm looking at this page and realized that it's been MONTHS since I've updated anything.

For the very few who actually visit here, you have my apologies. I really should post more, but I find myself loading pics up on Facebook instead of here (its interface is just a little more user friendly).

Either way, I'll just say, all is well here in korea. Spring is coming and Hannah is growing fast (both up and out). She's 8 1/2 months now and able to walk by holding on to something. We're hoping that in a few more months (when we're planning on going to Canada), that she'll be able to walk on her own.

Here's a fairly recent pic:
And here's one of us at Christmas...


mike t said...

Geez - finally - an update!
(I nixed myself off that facebook crap).

She's growin fast Edward. Nice pics - beautiful family Ed. Thanks for posting.

Talk soon buddy. Look forward to seeing you and Joo (and meeting Hannah)later this summer.
Mike T

Aaron said...

As above: bugger Facebook. Seems you'll have to come back to Blogger if you want to reach everyone. If you do return, though, you'll probably want to start posting your Christmas pictures sometime before, say, March.