Saturday, May 28, 2005

My bathroom BANE!

Well its happened twice now. The unthinkable. The horrible! The terrifying!

I've had to use a "squatter" twice now and let me tell you, it is not a fun experience!!
The thing is, in ideal circumstances I can fathom the logic in the squatter, unfortunately for me though, the times that I have had to use it have been less than opportune.

Now picture yourself in a REALLY BIG HURRY (because if you weren't really in a hurry, would you choose to use this?). Anyways, with my limited flexibility and there being no handles around, I think I've stumbled on to a way to make this work.

NUDE! That's right, if you do it nude, no problems. Good luck on YOUR trials!


Aaron said...

I don't know, man. Nude? You could stumble and step/fall into that gaping pit while trying to get your trousers off?

The key, in my experience, is to keep your britches just above the knees (pockets turned in, of course) and watch your aim.

Regardless, these squat toilets are awful places, put on this earth to demean us. I hear people say they're more sanitary than the western commodes, but c' much dirtier can a sit-down toilet be than all the doorknobs one touches in a day? And why, pray tell, do the squatters always smell exponentially worse than the comfy thrones? What would really make things cleaner in the bathrooms here is a consistent supply of soap.

The gathered crowd nods:
"Damn straight."
"You know, he's right."
"Ne, ne. Kamsa hamnida."

[Aaron climbs off soap box]

asiatown77 said...

Hey that place looks downright luxurious next to most of the squat toilets I have seen. At least here you have a choice (most of the time.) In China? Man it was either squatting or crapping in the bushes.

I crapped in the bushes.

Which may be why I got deported.

Juggy said...

haha, yeah that might explain a deportaion. many countires don't lind locals crappin' in public but foreigners better not do it.