Thursday, May 19, 2005

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Well, I've been toying with the idea of setting up a blog for some time now. I wasn't sure how easy it would be but so far so good.

I am hoping that this will be an easy way for anyone interested in mine and Joos life to "pop in" and see what we are up to.

Right now (as of may 16), Joo is in Vietnam and having an interesting time of it. We've tried to keep in touch on the phone but the dang phone lines (or her cruddy vietnamese cell phone) are not helping. She is in Hanoi and says its about 40 degrees (ok maybe more like 30 but I'm not one to correct my wife).

Anyways, I just wated to welcome anyone who is coming here and encourage you to leave a comment under any post you'd like.



danh4wendi said...

the temperature is 40 or more at this time in vietnam......the wife IS right.....update from a viet in canada!

Juggy said...

hehe, yeah. I should always listen to my wife. You'd think i would have learned that in 10 months or marriage.

Anonymous said...

The weather is much nicer today since it rained. It was pouring down for a couple of hours:)
Have a good weekend. I gotta go work:( Lots of loves from Joo*^^*

Juggy said...

Asah! I'm glad to see you stopping by this place baby!

I hope your doing well there and if we can ever have more than a 30 sec conversation over the crappy phone lines I'd tell you how much I miss ya!