Sunday, May 22, 2005

Rains in Vietnam!

My Moonie (Joo) just e-mailed me and said that it is raining pretty hard in Vietnam.

"Oh, boy here in hanoi is having energy problem. Because the get electircityfrom water and there hasn't been enough water this year so no power....Fortunately, it rained but it rained too much that the actual rain came into thecab. I was so scared cause I never had that experience in my life and I thought the car was gonna stuck in the road. The water was over my knee. It took me 1hour to get to the hotel after lunch and little bit of shopping at the mall. The cab couldn't pass the area in front of the hotel thus I got out off the cab and walked with my sandles in my hands.... oh, boy that was some experience."

I miss ya baby and hope that you're doing ok!!!

PS. Next time bring the camera ;)


Miss Coffey said...

Hey your blog is really fun! I love the wedding pictures!! Those are some wild outfits. I hope you got to keep them. :o) Maybe you guys can wear them on your 25th wedding anniversary. Looks like you had a great honeymoon. I think our wife has the coolest job ever working for the GAP!

Juggy said...

haha, Yeah usually I'd say you're right. But right now i'm a little worried about her with all the rains/power outtages in Vietnam.

As for keeping the korean outfits... nope. It was all rented. We got to keep a gigantic candle though that we're supposed to burn every year (the thing is huge, 50 years I think). lol